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[Video] How To Win Price Negotiation Wars. Try This

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If you haven’t already established yourself as a PT or are just starting out, you’re going to attract clients who want to have fun and try negotiating with you.

As a PT, it’s your job to to have fun with it.

Before you view the video below, let me start off by saying, you should never lower price.

By holding the high-ground, you come across as a person with incredible value – and people will automatically perceive you as a professional worth paying for.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to communicate with people who try price dropping with you, so you can lead them back to your original offer.

As you saw, by applying the ‘Strip’ and Compare technique, it knocks your prospect back into your territory and win over the sale – at the original price.



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  1. I always get clients trying to haggle me! I’ll try the info on the first slide, Excellent Video John. Very informative.

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