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(Video) How to Express Yourself as a Personal Trainer

This week’s fitness marketing video is how to express yourself as a personal trainer so people know what you stand for.

One of the many complications trainers are trapped with daily in their businesses is trying to find out who they are.

How many times have you noticed other trainers copying you. Copying your workouts. Copying your routines. Even to the point where they dress like you. Talk like you. And act like you in front of their clients.

And if you look closely, these actions are done by trainers who don’t believe in themselves. Trainers who simply don’t know who they are yet.

In the video below, I go over the questions to ask that’ll determine your ‘PT’ qualities and finally break-free and find your personal training identity.


Remember, it’s your personality and beliefs that expresses who you are as a trainer. It’s time you make a stand and find out who your are. And be different. 🙂

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