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The 13 Customer Service Secrets So Clients Always Remember You

 “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
– Frederick Keonig

How To Be A Successful Personal Trainer with 13 killer customer service secrets you can apply to your PT business straight away for instant retention and protection from your competition.

The truth is, most Personal Trainers are miserable at customer service.  And the public is waking up.  Complaints are on the rise and it’s getting worse.  And if you’re wondering on how to be a Successful Personal Trainer – customer service should be at the top… otherwise the public will turn against you and your competition will take over…

Customer service.  It’s everywhere.  Some businesses do it poorly…and some do it elegantly.

In the past, you’ve probably experienced great customer service…whether it was from a large business or a local trader you have frequented.

And perhaps you’ve told people you know about the wonderful experience you had.  Or maybe someone had asked you where to buy a particular product… and immediately you mentioned the place giving great customer service.

You can’t escape it.  Great customer service is what drives businesses forward. – whether large or small.

Some say, the bigger the business, the greater customer service is expected.  In some cases, that’s true.  You may be wondering what hope small businesses have when being compared to the big guns.

I mean, if customer service is what drives businesses forward, and attracts loyal customers year in and year out, and the large companies are the ones with all the customer service… then why do small businesses still exist and in some cases thrive and expand like crazy…?

There’s one thing small businesses have that large ones can’t compete with.  And that’s…


And the more personalisation you provide, the more customers you’ll attract.  Resulting in greater loyalty.  Customers wouldn’t dream of hiring anyone else.

Personalisation is ‘personal touch’

It’s simple to do.   Best of all…, it doesn’t cost you anything other than your own time!

A few nights back, I was reading an article on how important customer service is for Personal Trainers.  The article rambled on about the basics like listening, showing that you care, etc.

But it didn’t really talk about personalisation.  It mentioned in giving value you should buy your clients things, take them out, provide drinks and towels for their sessions,…and so on.

Occasionally that may be useful…but here’s where it can back-fire:

Let’s say you are training 25-30 clients.  Here are a few scenarios:

  • Imagine bringing and washing 30 extra towels each week
  • Carrying with you or purchasing 30 drinks
  • Taking 30 clients out for dinner
  • Buying clients presents for Christmas and their birthday
  • The list goes on…

Here’s the secret: The connection you are trying to gain can be a lot more powerful just by using personal touch… and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Put it this way.  It doesn’t matter how many things you buy your clients…, if they have to leave you, they will.  Buying things for clients doesn’t form a deep connection.

In fact, if they had thoughts about leaving you, and you bought them something… they might stay for a little longer so they don’t feel guilty, and… eventually leave you when the time is right.

In other words, there is no correlation between purchasing things for your clients and retention.

Many trainers buy things for their clients in hope they’ll stay with them longer…

But, the true purpose of being a Personal Trainer is to change your clients lifestyle so they can achieve their health and fitness goals.  When you provide too much for them, the reverse happens:

In their eyes, they raise the expectation of you.  For example, If you always provide drinks and towels for each of their sessions…they would always expect that!  And in turn makes them lazy and inconsiderate to bring in their own drink and towel.

Remember, you are there to make them change their lifestyle.  You are in no way there to provide the change.  You are there to make them change from within.

And their reward is their change in physical appearance and the emotional stimulation that goes with it.  Unlocking them with empowered motivation and a body and mind with expanded possibilities.  You are there to provide them with keys to a life changing experience.

And this is done best with the simple things in life…the personal touch.

Customers don’t feel appreciated anymore.  In fact, take a look at these stats:

  • 46% of Americans say bad service drove them out of a store in the past year
  • 77% say it’s common for sales people to act like “the customer is not even there”
  • 74% say they often see customers treating sales people rudely
  • 81% think too many stores cut corners on hiring, forcing bad service upon them
  • 62% say that witnessing rude and disrespectful behaviour bothers them a lot
  • 52% say the residue from such episodes lingers with them for some time afterward
  • 41% confess to having acted rude or disrespectful themselves
  • 79% say lack of respect and courtesy is a serious national problem
  • 69% believe the problem is getting worse

* sourced from Aggravating Circumstances: A Status Report on Rudeness in America, prepared by Public Agenda for The Pew Charitable Trusts

If you notice, ALL of the above complaints have got to do with internal emotion.  Whether people are angry at themselves or at others…the bottom line is, people don’t feel appreciated anymore.  That’s why they don’t feel appreciated towards others.

Let’s take a look at these 2 points:

  • 77% say it’s common for sales people to act like “the customer is not even there”
  • 74% say they often see customers treating sales people rudely

Can you see why 77% of sales people treat customers badly and virtually, an equal amount of customers treat sales people badly…?

As a Personal Trainer, you can call yourself a salesperson.  You are in the business of providing a service resulting in changing people’s lives.

Here are 13 ways to add a personal touch to your clients so they’ll always remember you…

  • Set mini, weekly goals for them
  • Sporadically call them and make sure they are on top of their goals and provide help when needed
  • Increase the communication through phone calls and cut down on sms or email.  (sms and email loses the personal touch)
  • Remember their birthday and send them birthday cards.  You can give a small inexpensive thoughtful gift also
  • Get to know their partners, and/or kids birthday’s and send them cards
  • Send them all Christmas cards
  • Get to know their favourite hobbies and send them articles of interest.  Or have a chat about their favourite hobbies or mention a small fact that you learnt that relates to their hobbies and interests
  • Be prompt with all your promises
  • Make sure your voice tone, manner and behaviour shows cheerfulness and happiness
  • Make sure you fulfil requests with a smile on your face
  • Never be late for your sessions.  If you do, apologise and promise it won’t happen again (consistently being late shows that you don’t care about your client)
  • Show great enthusiasm when training your clients
  • Be tightly organised with your program cards and workout schedule so you know exactly what to do when your clients see you.  (this shows you have thought about their goals and you want them to achieve it as much as they do)

You see, by doing any of these basic 13 points, you instantly add value to your clients needs.  You show appreciation.  And appreciation is the most desired need of all humans…

I like to end with a quote from Voltaire…

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”


Dedicated In Accelerating Your PT Success Every Step Of The Way…

John Toumpakke

Successful Personal Trainer

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  1. Those stats are scary, but very… very powerful to know.
    Thanks for those pointers I can see my business improving by using those basic 13 points.


    • Yeah, and the beauty is, it doesn’t cost you anything other than setting your priorities right. Remember, you can’t buy service… but your customers are more than happy to pay you for it.

      Just using 1 idea…your retention and business satisfaction will INSTANTLY be taken to a new level… Just one!

      Let me know how you go 🙂

      Thanks for your comment Michael

    • Very inspiring post on customer service not just for pt’s but for any business also. Thanks John

  2. Wow , was just scanning and found this GEM! Another great article John. Customer service not just for pt’s but for all businesses. Very in-depth. Awesome.

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