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What The Greatest Salesperson In The World Can Teach You About Selling

Selling Personal Training Best Sales Person World

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking”
– William B. Sprague

When it comes to selling Personal Training – there’s no one better to learn it off other than the greatest salesperson in the world.  These strategies are so damn simple to do – you wonder why other Personal Trainers aren’t using them…

I remember once – back in the early days, starting off running my Personal Training business, I was part of a team of new trainers – fresh, straight from their course.

Out of all of us, I was one of 3 at that time who’ve had some experience.

So there I was with the bunch mingling and talking.  One of them (Mitch) comes in through the door and yells…

“This ain’t working for me.  Nobody wants to train out there!”

Everyone in the room started nodding – as in “I agree with you.  It IS hard out there”

“Hey Mitch,” I remarked… “Are you saying it’s not working for all of us… I mean, there must be other trainers out there making money – don’t you think…?”

He looked around and said… “yeah, but they know how to sell”

Joe Girard – according to the Guinness Book of Records is the greatest car salesperson in the world.  It states…“His lifetime total of one-at-a-time ‘belly to belly’ selling was 13,001 units sold, all retail.”

With a record like that, he sure knows a thing or two about selling.  And don’t forget he sells HIGH TICKET ITEMS.  He sells more high priced items than most people do with low priced merchandise.

It doesn’t matter what you sell.  Selling Personal Training Has The Same Principles…

His famous “everyone I meet gets my business card” strategy holds powerful presence.  It’s estimated he hands out over 16 000 business cards each month.  Most people only give out like 300-500 per year… and that’s on a good year!

Even people whom he speaks on the phone receive a card from him.  He sends his cards to virtually everyone he comes into contact with.  And that’s just for lead generation.  And keeping your pipeline full is probably the most important skill for generating customers in your Personal Training Business and selling Personal Training.

In my opinion, working at a big fitness centre – where they help out by handing you a few leads each week is probably the most detrimental business destroyer I have EVER seen in my entire career working as a Personal Trainer.

Here’s why:

When starting off, enough leads are given for trainers to support a nice income.  Sometimes selling Personal Training occurs automatically – without any skill.  But, because the PT’s didn’t invest any of their time or efforts in generating those leads, they come lazy.  “I deserve more leads!” they cry when their business is going downhill.  “I pay my rent each week, so give me all the leads you got!”  The trainers become too reliant on these methods and don’t bother exploring the other thousand ways to get Personal Training clients within a fitness centre.

I’ve seen it time and time again and it’s embarrassing to watch.  You see, when you give people ready-made answers, without making them work for it – they don’t appreciate the value you give them.

The Lesson: Take responsibility for your damn life.  And if things aren’t working for you, take a look at yourself first.  Nobody else is to blame.  Instead use your energy on searching for answers and developing yourself.

Now, it’s not the fitness club’s fault.  I mean, they do so much to help trainers.  They provide the leads, the training, the help whenever you need it… they provide you with absolutely everything you could dream of.  It’s in their best interest to make you succeed in the art of selling Personal Training.

But if things aren’t going well for your Personal Training business, then it’s up to you to change it.

Joe Girard’s philosophy was simple.  Put yourself in front of as many people as possible and follow-up.  When selling Personal Training, it means seeing more people.  Talk to the members, hand out your cards, help others with certain exercises, call people, follow-up and most importantly – show enthusiasm and WANT IT!

What made Joe Girard stand out was he wanted to be the best – more than anyone else.  While others were complaining the ‘market is tough’, ‘nobody wants Personal Training’ and it’s ‘too expensive’ – You give up and don’t even try.

And when customers sense that,  they don’t buy.

The other lesson: Be prepared to fail and get rejected 99% of the time.

When it comes to selling Personal Training – I’d rather piss off and get rejected by 100 people and get 20 sales than be shy and nice to 50 and get 1.

The market rewards those who are brave.  Not those who sit back and criticise.  Those who play the game and get dirty make things happen.  They complain less.  In other words, they enjoy life.

For most of you, by now, you know how selective I am in choosing trainers being part of my coaching groups.  I don’t just coach anyone.  The group has to be like minded and I do as much as I can in qualifying and making that happen.

And the one thing I look for is…

A motivated mind who accepts responsibility and shows constant “I make things happen” attitude.  Industry ‘experience,’ ‘education’ and ‘skills’ have got absolutely no interest to me whatsoever.  I don’t care.

The result?

Absolute success.  It’s always those trainers who see the big picture and take action on the strategies I teach who are the most successful.  And it’s fun seeing these fresh PT’s with only 12 weeks experience who barely have an ABN number zoom past those year-long or two year long “I’ve seen it all and nothing else can be done” dead-end of the pool trainers who refuse investing money in their development.

Yes, trainers in my coaching groups go out there and get rejected and fail.  Sometimes they accidently leave out a few steps and things don’t work out.  But when they come back and before we rectify the problem… we tell a few jokes and have a good laugh about it 🙂 … and immediately their success continues. (probably the fastest success I’ve seen to date)

The golden rule for success: Achievement is accomplished to the degree of how fast you implement action.  In other words, the quicker you throw yourself into the unknown, get bitten and fail, the more successful you’ll be.

Your pipeline is never full.  Put yourself out there and happily accept all criticism.

“smart critiques, stupid creates”
– Diesel’s Ad Campaign

And that’s why there are only a few truly successful Personal Trainers out there.  Be one of them.

Put yourself out there.  Make yourself seen.  Help more people.  Provide more value.  Talk to 10 new people per day.  When at work, you WORK and don’t socialise and waste time with other loser trainers.  You have to want it MORE than anyone else.  DO what’s necessary.  Work Harder AND Smarter than anyone else.  Be the go-to person.  Dominate.  Because…

… When the fitness club eventually runs out of leads… and they will… your business will still be thriving while all others are feeding off your scraps.  You get paid based on the amount of value you provide.  Be different.  Make it happen.

Dedicated in Accelerating Your Personal Training Business Every Step Of The Way…
John Toumpakke

Selling Personal Training Best Sales Person World

P.S. You probably guessed right.  Mitch didn’t last long.  He didn’t put in the effort of mastering the art of selling Personal Training.  His business was struggling from day 1 and was forced in quitting his 12 month contract only 8 months in.  It took him another 9 months, but he eventually paid off the debt collectors.

P.P.S. If you want to be part of my Level 1 coaching groups, (which is not available to the masses… yet) and be a part of an elite, like-minded society, then simply email me here and I’ll see which monthly group best suits your needs.

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  1. I still see it all too often, when a person who does well in a good market and when times get tuff they go bad. Its funny, when in any business in the same environment or even in the same office, you will see one person doing really well and another person doing it tuff. And the one doing it tuff will look for something to blame rather than looking for a solution to there out come.
    Thanks John for another great post.

    • The simple principle of just putting yourself out there is so simple and easy to do. But why is it so ‘hard’ for people?

      Success leaves clues. If you wanna be successful, just apply the same principles. Yes it’s hard work. Yes you’re gonna find it tough. But who cares?

      People lack the confidence to succeed. That’s good because it leaves room for those taking action.

      And you’re right Michael. You can have 2 of the same people in the same market servicing the same people. One thinks of excuses and blames. The other sees it as a game. Doesn’t complain. And gets things done.

      Thanks Michael – As always your comments are welcome 🙂

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