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The 3 Types of Spenders and How To Sell To Them

“There have been times in my life that I’ve had a ton of vices, and my demons have run amok for years and years and years.”
– Ron White

The art of selling Personal Training was top priority of mine.

Starting off with no money.  No leads.  No nothing.  Just passion.  That’s it.

Like all PT’s starting a Personal Training business – things are always tough in the beginning.

The market place can be pretty rough – especially if you’re confronted with those who just want everything for free (You know the kind… free sessions, free advice – those who don’t respect you and have no intention of paying you anything in return).

Just starting off and the only thing moving you forward is the fuel from your optimistic mind – you quickly discover not all prospects are equal.  In fact, you may realise when selling Personal Training, buyers usually fall into 3 categories.

And before we get into that…

…sadly these things are never taught to you at fitness school institutes and academies.  Those fitness school’s who whip out certifications everyday have you believe the industry is just FULL of overweight, unfit and unhealthy people just begging for your services at every street corner drooling with eagerness to throw money at you.

And the fitness centres who hire you (who get paid kick-backs, royalties and extra commissions from doing so) – also paint beautiful visions of how well your life will be working as a Personal Trainer.

They’ll puff you up with cheerfulness and trust and hire you based on the fact you have a resume.

Sign a contract.  Lock you in.  And forget about you.

Yes, everyone’s optimistic.  Your lecturers (who’ve hardly ever experienced the true grit of battle cries starting a Personal Training business) pretend the whole industry is cheering for you.

Your Personal Training manager (or whoever hires you) promises you’ll be a millionaire by the end of the month.

And you’re thinking “YEAH” this is what I want.  I don’t have to do much work.  I just stand around and people will just come up to me and BEG for me to train ‘em.”

If it was that easy – then why nearly half of Personal Trainers drop out within the first 12 months…?

I’m all for optimism.  That’s the attitude you HAVE to have to succeed and plough through whatever life throws at ya.  But ‘just’ being hopeful and positive won’t get you anywhere.  If things aren’t going too well… it doesn’t matter how big your smile is – if you don’t do anything about it and take action… then you enter the dragon.

The battle:  Mr. Jolly Cheerful Optimist Vs. Gloomy Gus Pessimist over there.  Everything else being equal – Mr. Jolly knocks out Gloomy Gus in the first round.

But as Mr. Jolly Cheerful climbs the ranks – he faces The Career Suicide Guy.  Bigger.  Rougher.  Meaner.  And more skilled in his craft of killing professions than anything else out there…

… and what’s worse – he doesn’t go away.  He NEVER dies.

Out of nowhere, he’ll slowly take business away.  He whispers in your clients ear telling them to “go away…”  He’ll tell your prospects to avoid buying from you…, they don’t need you anymore and the art of selling Personal Training is useless.

He’ll tell your customers to go find another trainer.  He’ll sneak into your mind and make you believe you’re not worth it and you’re not ‘good enough.’  And when you’re not aware – he’ll slowly plant the ‘negative’ seeds inside your mind and before you know it – there’s an uncontrollable sprout of negativity spreading inside your brain like wild-fire… and the only way out is… ‘out.’

Know this.  The Career Suicide Guy will take your business away.   And he don’t care if you’re hopeful and cheerful or if you’re a gloomy cynic.  He got a job to do – and he’s gonna do it.

But there’s ONE – and ONLY ONE way to beat that asshole.  And that’s…

TO become more skilled at your profession so you can outsmart him and play the same game back!

He’s real.  And he’s always out there to get you.  So, in your defence – be out to get him.  Whenever he steals a few clients away – you make sure to keep filling up your pipeline.  Talk to and network with 10 prospects a day until you reach the desired amount of clients you can handle.  Then each day – talk to at least one new prospect (or follow-up on a previous one) and build strong relationships with people.

Remember, as a Personal Trainer – you’re in the relationship business.  The career suicide guy will trick you into believing you’re in the ‘fitness’ business.  Don’t fall for his traps.  Know better.

When he takes one client away – you go and get 10 just to stick it to him.

And if he keeps handing you cheap and tight ass prospects who simply aren’t willing to pay you, then it’s time to discover…

The Lost Art Of Selling Personal Training. How To Even Make Your Tight Prospects Whip Out Their Wallets…

Your prospects usually fall into 3 categories.  And each group is categorised by their spending ‘pain’ points.

This is what I mean…

The first group are what’s called the ‘average’ spenders.  These people are happy to spend and usually don’t have a predictable spending pain point.  Their purchases are usually dependent on mood and how they feel at the time.  They constitute around 60% of your prospects and clients.

The second group are known as the ‘lavish’ spenders.  These high-rollers simply don’t care.  They’re mostly un-conflicted and freely splurge their money without much thought or analyses.  In other words, their spending pain point is set to ‘very high.’  Even though these are your ideal prospects, they only make up 15% of your possible customers.

And then you have the third group.  These are the tight-@sses who have a very low price pain point.  In other words, they spend way less and feel the hurt of spending very easily.  They’re the ones who search garbage bins and scavenge ‘$5 off’ coupons.  They collect petrol vouches to save $2 off a $60 fuel purchase.

They’re the ones who count every damn minute of your sessions and constantly hassle you believing…

“because I’m paying you $39 per week, not only are you going to train me… but I also want you to write me up a 6 page ‘detailed’ diet plan, spend 2 hours a night doing all the research I tell you I need and I demand free extra consultation from you whenever I need it!”

Most low-confidence trainers act as servants to their clients – all in the name of getting the sale.  When those super tight- @ss clients sense this, they start believing you desperately want the sale and their $15 dollars per week.  And if you want it… you gotta work for it baby!


You must first keep in mind that your clients NEED you more than what you need them.  You don’t have to give in to their demands and make near death sacrifices ‘just’ to get the sale, because…

…I’m revealing to you 2 ways to convert your tight prospects into super happy spenders (and make selling Personal Training easier)

O.K here they are…

First, chop the chunk of your pricing model.  If you’re offering a 12 week program for training twice per week and you’re charging $840… that’s one big punch in the gut of a pain point.  Chop the chunk of $840 and mention it’s only $70 per week.

Your clients getting slapped with $70 per week is a lot more manageable and tolerable than receiving a massive wallop of $840.  It won’t hurt as much, and there’s little chance of being knocked out.  Even though they’re still spending $840… $70 per week is a lot more digestible and therefore extra persuasive.

You can further chop the chunk… but then it starts becoming extra sneaky and you come along as a trickster.

People are a little smarter these days than in the 1960’s.

They aren’t as fooled as easily anymore.  I mean, you can chop the chunk further and say… “oh, it’s only $35 per session…” or…  “it’s only $9 per day…” You see, because they’re not literally paying you $9 per day… or $35 per session – you might sign ‘em up in the heat of the moment… but soon after they’ll realise what you’ve done and will hate you for it.

Better to chop the chunk at an honest and real level.  Your selling Personal Training Power will instantly increase.  Don’t treat people as if they’re stupid.  Because they are not.

Second, bunch up and bundle your packages.  Here’s where you can actually get MORE out of your tight prospects (well, any prospect for that matter).

Let’s say you’re charging $70 per week for 2 regular Personal Training sessions.  And you mention they also get one 30 minute nutritional consultation and program update each month.

Well…, that’s great and you might get the sale… but your prospects don’t put any value on your consultations or program updates.  They think it’s for FREE and you know what’s free’s worth…

Instead, you say…

“Here are the 2 options available to you Gus.  For $70 per week – we can train you twice per week for 30 minutes – making sure you’re doing the exercises correctly and at the right intensities to strip off the maximum amount of fat as we can or… for just $89 per week we can still train you and strip away all your excess fat and look great for summer… also to intensify your results, I’m also including a 30 minute nutritional consultation each month – where done right, you can achieve fat loss at twice the speed.  For such advice – I charge my non-personal training clients $59.  I’m also throwing in for you a 30 minute program update where I show you which exercises to do while we’re not training together – in which I also charge $59… all for $89 per week, no more to pay.  So instead of having to pay me $180 per week – your getting this special offer today for only $89 per week!”

In this case – your prospects see your bunching up and bundling as only one pain point.  Because them having to come back for weekly nutritional consultations and program updates – will incur an extra $110 per week.  That’s too painful.

And by only paying you $89 per week – you’ve scored yourself an extra $20 per week without really doing anything.

There you have it.  You now have 2 powerful strategies to make selling Personal Training easier – and make your tight -@ss prospects spend even more money with you and feel good about it.

Show everyone that you don’t fall into the ‘tight’ category of spenders – and instead take a minute and comment on your insights and discoveries on this article in the comments section below.

I always welcome your feedback and comments 🙂

Dedicated To Accelerating Your Personal Training Business Every Step Of The Way…
-John Toumpakke


P.S.  If you set up your policies, confidence and contracts from the start, your tight prospects will not hassle you or demand extra time.  They’ll instead respect your profession and treat you right… even though they were not initially willing to give you an extra $20 per week 🙂

P.P.S. Even though The Career Suicide Guy will never leave you alone, he attacks when you’re most vulnerable.  But if you play the same game back – he eventually leaves you alone for a while.  The trick is to always be ready and have your Personal Training marketing and sales strategies built out of solid brick so the big bad wolf can huff and puff all he wants… until he figures out a way in.  But until then – enjoy your profits 🙂

P.P.P.S Your ‘tight’ prospects and customers represent around 25% of your base.  So it pays to re-read this article and develop your sales system just in case you come across these people…

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John Toumpakke for years has been helping Personal Trainers build marketing systems and business positioning strategies - turning regular PT's into gurus of their industry. His brand PT Power Club is known as the provider for advanced Niche marketing solutions for Personal Trainers and has developed new and unique systems helping trainers find and develop their own fitness niche. He coaches and trains a tightly, successful bound community of trainers teaching them how to stand out and dominate their competition through his powerful positioning strategies. PT Power Club’s goal is to teach and coach Personal Trainers across Australia on how to truly find their unique status within their community and eliminate all competition.


  1. Great post John, you won’t find a post like that on any other web site.

    I think your the only guy on the internet who tells it like how it is.

    Keep it up can’t wait for next weeks post!

    • Thanks Michael. Sometimes the truth hurts… but living a life of denial is much more painful.

      Success is ONLY achieved through mishaps and failures. And sometimes we have to welcome the ‘career suicide guy’ into our lives because he makes the strong stronger… and invariably gives us more work 🙂

      Understanding chopping the chunk concept and bundling are effective strategies for selling to virtually anyone – even the pessimists and the ‘cheap’ people.

      Everything has its purpose…

      The ‘cheap’ people spend more at the supermarket to get a few cents of fuel. They’ll spend $20 on petrol driving around searching for ‘bargains.’ Or they use up precious hours ‘searching’ for the best deal.
      All because ‘other’ businesses use chopping the chunk and bundling to attract these kinds of people.

      The same can be done in your PT Business. I’m glad you got so much from this post.

      Your comments are always appreciated Michael 🙂

      • That’ll get them hungry for my PT services. Great story. I read it from start to finish!

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