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[Video] Sell at Higher Prices Using The Price Slam Technique

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This week’s Fitness Marketing tip is how to sign up higher prices using the Price Slam Technique.

Low self-confidence runs rampant in our industry. PT’s, new and old suffer from poor business sense – and sometimes are afraid of asking for a higher price.

Many PT’s I talk to generally train their clients once or twice a week – and usually at low rates.

When I ask about their price presentation, these same trainers only offer 1 & 2 a week options.

It’s no wonder they’re choosing clients on minimal packages. It’s time to increase your prices and sign clients up with the packages you want for your business.

Watch the video below to see how you can do that.


The Price Slam Technique works because people are more attracted to lower prices after they’ve been hit with a big one. After they feel guilty of saying “no” – they’re more attracted to say “YES” to a lower offer.

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  1. I was told to view this video from my fitness director because he said there’s no excuse for not selling higher. This site has amazing resources. Thanks John.

  2. Hey John, when are you gonna run another seminar on selling? I miss those lectures of yours. Super informative. Enjoying your posts!

  3. I’ve just used this technique and I honestly didn’t think it’ll work. Just be confident for a few secnds when ‘slamming’ and the reaction from leads is amazing. Pure gold!

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