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[Video] How To Price Your Personal Training and Group Training.

This week’s fitness marketing tip is answering the question: “How much do I charge for personal training?” This video will explain how to price your personal training hourly rate and your personal training pricing structure.

PT’s whether starting off or the experienced ones seem to have an occurring problem: They don’t know how to price their personal training.

The way PT’s usually set their prices or hourly rate is based on 3 reasons:

Watch the video below to find out what these reasons are – and also discover:

  • The 5 step process on how to set your personal training prices and hourly rate.
  • How to price your personal training in the top pricing tier.
  • How to price your Personal Training group sessions.
  • Ideas on personal training rates and packages.
  • Make your own pricing template.
  • Your own trainer packages per hour.
  • Personal training packages ideas
  • And so much more.

Remember, you have financial goals as well. Run through this system and choose the figures you feel comfortable with. Then, market your PT business so you become a successful, high paying Personal Trainer.

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