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How To Hustle Your Way To PT Business Success

“Things may come to those who wait…but only the things left by those who hustle.”
– Abraham Lincoln

When it comes to Personal Trainer motivation – you have to learn to hustle.

What does that mean…?

It means, if there is something you believe you need to do…, JUST DO IT!

The biggest killer to your success is anticipation.  Having to analyse if the ‘time is right’ or ‘what would that person think of me?’ or whatever you got going on in your mind is actually slowing you down.

How many times did you find yourself in a situation where you wanted to do something you really – really wanted…but didn’t?

I bet you found all the excuses in the world why it ‘wasn’t the right time’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I need more knowledge/training’, etc…

As a Personal Trainer, too much analysing on why you shouldn’t approach people, call people or ask for the sale is, in my opinion, the biggest killer of PT’s.

But, have you noticed those PT’s who just jump in whenever they see an opportunity…?  I know, I know…they are rare.  But, what’s the result…?

They end up with more clients.  More money.  And are not afraid to take on new challengers.  In the end, they are the most successful!

Yes.  They have lots of set-backs.  Lots of failures.  But, guess what…?  They also have the most success!

Sure, they get rejected.  But they simply don’t care!  They have built such a big thick mental shield around them… rejection just bounces off!

You can do the same.  It takes seconds to build a mental shield.  Remember, it’s in the power of your mind.  And your mind is made up of thoughts.  Thoughts take only seconds to create….

Go!  Approach people.  Call people.  Ask for the sale.  Let all rejections bounce off…and… allow inside those who are worthy of your time.

The founder of IBM, Thomas J Watson once said…

“If you want to succeed, double your failure rate.”

Go out there and fail!  And watch yourself succeed beyond limits!

And, in the words of Abraham Lincoln… Be the person who hustles.  The person who moves and acts energetically and rapidly.  The ‘go getter’.  And let the others collect what they’ve been ‘waiting’ for!

Dedicated to Accelerating Your Personal Training Business Every Step Of The Way…

John Toumpakke

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John Toumpakke for years has been helping Personal Trainers build marketing systems and business positioning strategies - turning regular PT's into gurus of their industry. His brand PT Power Club is known as the provider for advanced Niche marketing solutions for Personal Trainers and has developed new and unique systems helping trainers find and develop their own fitness niche. He coaches and trains a tightly, successful bound community of trainers teaching them how to stand out and dominate their competition through his powerful positioning strategies. PT Power Club’s goal is to teach and coach Personal Trainers across Australia on how to truly find their unique status within their community and eliminate all competition.


  1. That is so true John! Too many people are just scared to hear the word “No”.
    And it always seems the ones that are not scared to hear the word “No” are the most successful ones.

    Great post John.

    • Yeah I know…Tell me about it!

      Too many people are afraid in moving forward because they are ‘scared’ to fail.

      Bu what many don’t realise is that ALL learning comes from confusion first. And that’s ALL learning.

      And failing is expected. YOU MUST FAIL and stuff everything up. It’s ALWAYS those who have done all the mistakes which make the best teachers. And guess what… their best students are also the ones who just don’t give a crap and are willing to try new things.

      Be immune to criticism. Don’t care what others think. Dare to be different…and in some ways… be a little stupid.

      While ‘smart’ sits back and criticises… STUPID over there is getting things done.

      Thanks for your comment Michael 🙂


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