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What The Spring Racing Carnival Can Teach You About Marketing Your PT Business

“What do you say we go out riding and pick up a couple of fillies?”
– Mister Ed.

Unique Personal Trainer marketing can be adapted using the secrets of the Spring Racing Carnival.  Let’s see how you can dominate your Personal Training Niche…

‘The race that stops a nation’

‘Family day’

‘The ultimate style day’

The excitement.  The aura.  Cool hats.  Elegant suits.  Ladylike sparkling champagne.  The right to show off outfits you wouldn’t dare wear in public… and oh, the horses too (apparently)

…but it doesn’t matter.  The Melbourne Spring Racing carnival is for everyone.  Big punters.  Those wanting to skip work (oaks day).  Collecting interesting stories of drunken behaviour.  Showing off your elegance and style.  Having 100,000 people to flirt with…

Women interested in going to the Races were getting ready from September! – Some even earlier…

Maybe it’s got to do with it being a large social gathering.  The Nationwide broadcast.  The long weekend.  The wildness.  Or maybe there’s more to it…


80% of the prize pool comes from 20% of the punters.  Majority don’t go for the horses.  Most don’t even watch the races.  Then you have those non-regular gamblers who might wave around 5 bucks and deposit it a lucky number they’ve once dreamt about – just for fun.

Theme no.1 – Fashion, gleam and glimmer.  Look at the sponsors.  Myer is a heavy supporter and the fashion and style awards are mostly backed by them.  In fact, Spring Racing Fashion goes back 50 years.

Flowers, hats, purses, dressers, photo-shoots, suits and so on….

Hair laser removal studios are now advertising… “get your skin and legs silky smooth for the races”

Myer is advertising their special spring suit selection.

There’s a powerful theme here: The chance to fully express yourself and show the world who you truly want to be.

And people will do anything for that.

People always dream how’d it’ll be like with that ‘perfect’ body.  To be liked and appreciated by others.  The celebrity status attention and being part of a national event viewed across Australia… part of something BIG.

Girls competing with other girls on how pretty they look.  Guys are just there for the girls.  It’s a social war and people go to great lengths just to survive.

personal trainer marketing fitness marketing at the races
Source: www.theage.com.au

It’s more than Just the Horses.

Guys hitting the gym.  Girls going on crash diets and buying clothes that ‘almost’ fit.  Months of preparation.  Planning… all for a nice day out in the sun.  Or is it to see a bunch of animals being whipped for a kilometre…?

The lesson.  People NEVER go to an event just for the music… the horses… the (whatever).  They go for the anticipated feelings of what the environment will give ‘em.  What they expect.  People don’t come to you because they just want a good body or to lower their blood pressure.  It’s what that ‘good’ body is gonna be giving them…

More appealing to the opposite sex
Making others jealous
Increasing self worth

How many times you ask a female client “why is it that you wanna start training…?” – they say… “I want to fit into skinny jeans”…or… “I want to look myself in the mirror and see a slim sexy body I’m proud of”

“I want to get rid of my muffin top”

“I wanna tone up my arms, my abs, my butt, my thighs” … and so on.

When asking male prospects – it’s always the same…

“I want big biceps”
“I wanna big chest”
And occasionally they might mention abs (if they’re confident enough)

And then you ask ‘em why? and they say… “oh, I just want to be strong…”

And you’re thinking… yeah right show-off

SO they want to be strong yeah…?

You show ‘em how to a deadlift and they say… “what’s this crap?  I can’t feel it in my arms”

Spending 1 week trying to teach them a clean and jerk so they can load up maximum weight over head for total body strength and they say… “I don’t see Arnie doing this crap in Pumping Iron…why are you teaching me this…?”


They want you to show them 37 different ways to do a bicep curl.  And that’s it.  At the end they might do a few sets of Ab twists – scoff down their protein shake mixed with bathroom water (working out of a fitness centre – it’s funny how you go to wash your hands and see guys drinking their protein shakes in the toilet… and the sinks are covered with ‘chocolate’ flavoured powder)

It’s hilarious! – like their 52 arm exercise workouts were so damn demanding, they just couldn’t wait.


The bottom line.  People want to look good naked… (or looking good just from the front).  That’s pretty much it!

The other bottom line… Whether it’s bathroom flavoured ‘chocolate’ protein shakes, crash diets, watching TV on the treadmill for an extra 20 mins or performing an Ab twist marathon… one thing’s for sure:  People will go to great lengths, nearly starve and SPEND LOTS OF MONEY 3-4 months in advance just to get their bodies in shape to satisfy a deep anticipated need for a day…a month or just for the summer period.

That’s where you can help.

In my last post entitled How To Market Your PT Business Using Coke and Cigarettes– I mentioned how Coke and cigarette companies advertise the mythical adventures you likely dream about and how their products are somehow associated with that fantasy.

The same is done for the Spring Racing period.  People never had such an urge to look their best now.  Plus, summer’s coming up.  And what’s associated with summer?

Revealing summer clothes
Late night parties
Bigger social gatherings

IN other words, people want to be seen.  They have a craving to go out in public.  And they must look their best.

And they want it NOW.

The infomercials know this… and that’s why they’re promoting ‘get slimmer and sexier without any effort’ campaigns.  And they’re working.

Theme No. 2 – Each Spring Racing Day at Flemington caters for a different crowd.  Damn that’s smart!

Derby Day is generally catered for everyone and it’s conveniently held on a Saturday.  Its theme is ‘Classical Elegance’ Women traditionally wear black and white… and guys wear an ‘old’ style (early 19th century approach) grey suit with pin-striped pants.  Truly an elegant theme.

Melbourne Cup Day is themed as ‘The Race That Stops A Nation.’  The day where the whole country takes a day off so they can place a bet.  It’s THE day where the biggest punters in Australia shine and buff their wallets.  It’s no wonder the Melbourne Cup IS the biggest prize in Australian sport.  And because of the craziness… it’s deemed as the day where you have to make your most Dramatic and Outrageous fashion statement.  Truly wild and unique.

Oaks Day is traditionally called ‘Ladies Day’ or ‘Style Day’ …and more informally known as ‘blokes day out’.  Anyway… It’s a day where women truly express themselves with their own unique style.  The theme is… ‘My chance to wear what I want that truly makes a statement of who I really am’
(know that’s getting into the psyche of women – isn’t it?)
Oaks Day is the ultimate fashion day for women filled with unique colour, variety and outrageousness!  No rules.

Stakes Day’s theme is ‘Family Day.’  Relaxed environment for the kids to shine.  A great day out for the family in a relaxed and pleasing atmosphere.  Again… conveniently held on a Saturday.

My point: There’s a day and theme to suit EVERYONE.  Whether you like elegance, Drama, dress just plain OUTRAGEOUS …or… are more comfortable in a relaxed environment – there’s a day to suit your personality style.  And the more you ‘fit in’ the more likely you’re gonna spend and will do anything to go.

It’s not about whether the horses feel up to it or not…  It’s how to get as many damn people through those gates!

Answer these questions and re-create this system for your Personal Training Business…

  • What advantages can you give your prospects over their regular gym memberships?
    Can you produce results faster? If so, how?
  • How can your training improve your prospects chances of fitting into those clothes they always dreamt of wearing – but never had the confidence of belief they could?
  • How can your Personal Training increase their self-worth?
  • Who’s your target market and why are your special training skills better and more beneficial over anyone else’s?
  • Where can you take your clients.  What possibilities, environments, fantasies and adventures can you unlock for them?

Grab a pen and paper & start answering those questions.  If you haven’t filled pages of notes, you haven’t thought hard enough about your PT career or perhaps you don’t care about your Personal Training future.  And if you have… well you can soon start experiencing an almost competition free PT business.

Dedicated In Accelerating Your Personal Training Business Every Step Of The Way…
John Toumpakke.


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