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How To Use Charity Events To Promote Your PT Business.

Increasing Personal Trainer marketing charity events

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank

When it comes to killer Personal Trainer Marketing tactics – we can learn so much from charities, because they do it best…

October is the month of pink. Pink products, ribbons and promotions all for creating breast cancer awareness.  You might start seeing products with the pink ribbon labels, pink packaging and all stuff pink – where small proceeds from all transactions going towards breast cancer research.

As a health and fitness professional, it’s important to also be a part of this special cause and create awareness for your clients and prospects.

According to Cancer Australia, breast cancer is the most common cancer for Australian women.  The highest risk age bracket is between 50-69.  However, a huge percentage of women are still affected under the age of 50.  From 1982 until now, breast cancer incidence rates have risen by 29.72% ! – And has nearly doubled for Men!

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s largest known breast cancer foundation.  And because of its size and good will, big name companies have jumped on board as partners.  Let’s take a look at a few:


Bras N Things handbags

Snowy Mountain Spring Water

Cedel Dry Shampoo

Chocolatier Australia

Palmolive Personal Care

Modern Wedding Magazine

Double A Paper

– and so much more.  For a complete range of products which support and contribute to this great cause can be found here

A small percentage of proceedings go to the foundation when purchasing any product with a pink ribbon label.  The products don’t cost any extra.  It’s in the manufacturers best interest in getting behind this special cause for the month of October.

Let’s take Dove for example.  They released Dove ‘pink’ range in creating awareness.  Since 2006, Dove has generated over $1 million to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  In doing so, they’re now a platinum partner.  Their products are advertised and featured all over the NBCF website.

So when someone is at the supermarket choosing a skin care product and one company is known for supporting breast cancer and some of your purchase goes towards research… and the other poor product isn’t – who do you think will get more sales…?

I wouldn’t be surprised if October is Doves most profitable month of the year.  So who cares if they’re giving away a small percentage per sale?  I don’t have the exact figures, but their return on investment is HUGE.

And if more people buy Dove and the more money the NBCF gets, the greater awareness BOTH companies have.  And that’ good for the economy.  It’s Win-Win-Win

Your Personal Training business is the same.

Getting behind huge health causes like breast cancer (Pinktober), Movember (men’s health issues) SIDS (Red Nose Day – 29th June) or the Good Friday Appeal helping raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital are excellent ways in helping the community and getting yourself out there.

Let’s look at Pinktober.  It’s pretty simple to do.

First, make a choice about how much to donate (either $1 or $2) per session you have for the month of October.   Second, create awareness and let your clients know what you’re doing.  Where a pink ribbon, a pink t-shirt, create a donation box and for every person who donates $5 or more – you reward them with a free PT session.  And third, calculate how many sessions you had for that month and… donate it!

So let’s say you had 100 sessions for that month and you chose to donate $2 per session… your total donations equal $200.  Don’t worry, ALL donations coming out of your pocket are tax deductible.

Or you can have a special breast cancer awareness walk.  Get a whole bunch of people to register and donate a small amount for the walk.  Make sure everyone wears Pink – and enjoy your day out in the sun.

Just like the Dove example, can you imagine how much more market share you’ll get…?

Whenever you’re a part of something big, others also want to join.  You come across as more giving and intelligent.  Clients and prospects love doing business with those kinds of people.

You’re helping the economy because you’re encouraging the exchange of money.  You’re making your clients and prospects feel great about themselves because they’re contributing to a great cause.  You’re helping your business because of the awareness you’ve created and most importantly – you’re assisting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation reach their goal – and that is to have zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

Contribution is powerful.  Those who contribute themselves regularly are among the happiest people in the world.  Be amongst them.

Just recently I was asked to host a music concert held in the city.  It was in support and helping raise funds for Kids Help Line.  Because it was a charity event – there were many guests.  Sold out.  It was a dream come true for the band because of all the publicity they got.  My MC’ing skills got picked up by a few audience members and opened up a gateway of referrals for extra private work.  And because of all that, we raised a hell of a lot of money for Kids Help Line.

Bottom Line: Nobody loses when fundraising and working with charities.

As a Personal Trainer – have an open mind and see the opportunities that await you.  The gateway is wide open to those brave enough to focus on the big picture.

Dedicated in Accelerating Your Personal Training Business Every Step Of The Way…

Increasing Personal Trainer marketing charity events


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  1. WooHoo – First one to comment:)

    I was at the supermarket today and I saw some beauty products with Pink packaging. And immediately I remembered your post!

    Let me be the first to say… I’m donating $1 for every session I’m having in October. And when this crappy weather in Melbourne gets better, I might do a fun run/walk with my clients. You never stop coming up with cool ideas John 🙂

    • Congratulations Anna!

      It’s good to see how your mind has also expanded a little and are now seeing the opportunities you perhaps never thought possible. For the month of October and beyond, whenever you see Pink – your awareness grows and you’ll start being more contributable. It’s great for everyone!

      Thanks for truly standing out Anna 🙂

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