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[Video] How Not To Be Just a ‘personal trainer.’ Introducing the Law of The Kink

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There’s too much sameness in the fitness industry.

PT’s don’t know how to position themselves in the marketplace.  The term ‘personal trainer’ has no impact anymore. When people hear that term, they don’t care.  And in some cases, they look down on you. It’s not a well respected profession anymore.

However, there is a simple solution.

When people ask, “so, what do you do…?” the answer is not ‘personal trainer.’  Instead, you must come up with a response that creates curiosity – and gets people more interested in what you do.

That way, people will naturally want to find out more about you. And the more time they invest in you, the more likely they are to become clients or even know someone who will.

Watch the short video below where I explain a simple way to formulate your response.


You see how easy that was?  It beats the boring label of ‘personal trainer.’  It’s also an excellent conversation starter. Try it the next time someone asks you “so, what do you do?”

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  1. As of Monday, start being ‘kinky’ in my business. I think I know what you mean. People will really notice me after that 🙂

  2. Just like they say “in the land of beauty, ugliness stands out.” That dent sticks out, and I now know how to make myself noticed in my PT business. Amazing Video John 🙂

  3. I should go and start kicking in panels and say “hey, you now look different” – no, I get it John. Excellent video as always 🙂

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