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Why PT’s Don’t Know What They’re Doing When Training Clients.

Training is one of the most neglected phases of athletics. Too much time is given to the development of skill and too little to the development of the individual for participation.
– Bruce Lee

When it comes to Personal Trainer Boxing and the Stupid Drills to avoid… you must first understand how the overemphasis of ‘skill’ halts your Personal Training business from ever growing…

“hey John… what I need more of is skill and technique”

“Why?” – I asked…

“So I can show my clients more exercises”

“why do you need to show them more exercises?”

“Because I need to show them that I know a lot”

“Oh, so you’re looking for acceptance, are you?”

“Well… Uhmmmm – I just don’t want them to get bored with me”

“So what you’re saying is you’re boring and you don’t feel as if your clients will accept who you are…?”

“Well… I wouldn’t say I’m boring… and my clients do like me”

“So, what’s your problem…?”

Remembering a few months back I was at this fitness convention for some ‘industry updates.’  I don’t know why I went.  I think because of my optimistic nature I thought I might learn something new.


…There were like 250 trainers crammed in a room listening to some boring lecture about something to do with something fitness related.  And I remembered when the Valium inducing lecturer mentioned “and at the end we’re going to be having a panel of experts to answer your questions”

I thought… ‘yeah cool’ – Just what we need… a bunch of old fat dude professors who’ve spent their lives in a lab torturing mice and are still quivering in stepping foot into the real world front line battle trenches of day-to-day Personal Training.  They don’t know what’s it like to be shot at, bombed and stabbed in the back.

I have a checklist when it comes to finding out if someone’s a ‘professor’:

  • They are boring to listen to
  • They use big words (which I don’t think they even understand)
  • They respond with super-long sentences that don’t make any sense
  • And they don’t answer your questions

And according to my checklist – these panel of ‘experts’ were more than qualified as professors (maybe too qualified).

I remember there was this fitness studio owner in the audience who had a problem with how the differing industry standards of the PARQ will affect his future business.  I don’t remember the exact conversation, but it was something along the lines of this…

Audience member: Here is my question

‘expert:’ Here is my boring 5 minute long answer filled with big words which didn’t answer your question

Same Audience Member: I don’t think you understand my question.

‘Another expert:’ I think I can answer that for you.  Here is my boring 5 minute long answer filled with big words which didn’t answer your question

‘Another ‘expert’ jumps in: Here is my boring 5 minute long answer filled with big words which didn’t answer your question

Another ‘expert’ jumps in – so does the lecturer and then the whole audience starts expressing their opinion:  It ended up being a 1.5 hour ‘bitching’ session.

How do I know this…?

Because I fell asleep and woke up 1.5 hours later… and they were still going!

So I again drifted away…

Then some time later I heard…

“What I see trainers do is just give their clients a variety of exercises that’s got nothing to do with their clients goal.  I seriously don’t think trainers know what the hell they’re doing.  If the exercise is new to the trainer and they think it looks cool – they’ll show it off to their clients.  And in most cases, the trainer has no idea why they’re giving it or how to properly teach it and for what purpose does that exercise have towards their clients fitness goal.”  


I thought… at last! Somebody with some brains!

It just happened to be the expert (Exercise Physiologist) – who said that actually works as a Personal Trainer.

But he was still fat and boring to listen to – so I figured he doesn’t take pride in his own health or takes care of himself – so why is he trying to give us advice… anyway…

The problem is this.  Trainers believe their time and money should be spent on researching  exercise skill and technique.  They believe it’s the most important aspect of their PT business.

Trainers are so hung up on ‘new moves’ they forget why they’re in business in the first place.

I see it all the time.

You see this real obese dude with a cannon ball absorbing stomach being told by their trainer – “O.K… it’s tricep kickback time.  Put your knee on the bench like this… grab the dumbbell and extend your elbow back like this…”

I mean come on!  You can have a more ‘stimulating’ conversation.

Personal Trainer Boxing.


Don’t get me started on boxing.  Most trainers don’t know what the &^%$ they’re doing.

What’s worse, clients are actually paying for that crap!

I can’t blame the client.  I mean… they’re just told what to do, right?

How about the trainer…?  In most cases it’s not the trainers fault either.  They’ve done some smelly course and perhaps got some CEC points from it… and now they think they can teach boxing.

I believe it’s those silly course providers money grabbing ignorant minds that’s giving Personal Trainers the confidence to go out there and look stupid with their clients.

There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.

Here’s my claim: If you’ve done a Punchfit course, a Thump course or any other bullshit boxing course out there – YOU’VE WASTED YOUR MONEY!

I’ll summarise a typical stinking boxing workout which trainers love doing:

Give me 1 punch – run
Give me 2 punches – run
Give me 3 punches – run
Give me 4 punches – run
… and so on – until they reach 10 punches (and if they really wanna be a hard-ass – at the end they reverse the sequence from 10 – 1) WOW that’s real creative!


Give me 10 punches – 1 push-up
Give me 9 punches – 2 push-ups
Give me 8 punches – 3 push-ups
Give me 7 punches – 4 push-ups

(oh, please stop…  creative barrier overload)


Give me a jab and cross for 30 seconds
then… give me left and right uppercuts for 30 seconds
then… give me left and right hooks for 30 seconds


Client lies on back and each time they do a sit up – give a one-two and do it until their client gets exhausted.

That’s not boxing.  That’s garbage!

If boxing is used as a vehicle for a heart thumping experiencing – it should in the form of flush elegant combo’s with proper technique.  That’s it.

As soon as it’s watered down with push-ups, sit-ups, stairs and running – the trainer has no respect for the sport.  It’s disrespectful to boxing and its evolution.  It wasn’t given the name ‘sweet science’ because of those fancy pants boxercise tasteless routines.

The problem is, trainers believe they must keep showing their clients different moves and red-line their heart rate.

But the foundations are important.  Poor technique and shitty technique doesn’t do anyone any good.

With all my clients, I focus on proper technique from the start.  They gotta know how to move before they punch.  They gotta know how to jab before they learn to cross – and so on.

In most cases, if we’re only having two 30 minute session a week, our first major combo is done in week 5-6.

And they love it!


Because they’re learning something they can take home with them.  They’re learning to protect themselves and their family.

In a few cases I’ve had clients come to me on a Monday and tell me stories of how they punched out a thug or knocked out a bully at school.  Now that’s something they’re proud of and brings about real confidence.

I’m launching my new Level 1 Personal Trainer Boxing course…

PT Power Boxing and Master Instruction (For Personal Trainers only).

It’s for the serious trainer who cares about delivering proper instruction, technique and non-stop powerful combos without the fluffy garbage others are doing.

If you want to be noticed by other trainers’ clients.  Make all other trainers jealous and bring the whole area into cold-cock amazement and have a crowd of followers sitting back watching you– then this course is for you.

As with all my courses, I’m guaranteeing you expert knowledge.  In other words, you can be known as the ‘go-to boxing trainer’ – and it doesn’t matter if others have more experience than you or if they’ve done other courses.  You’ll be learning 9 years of experience in just one day.  You’ll be the expert.  And naturally you’ll be more valuable and can easily charge more.

I’ll be posting more info in the later months and showing some videos also.  Email me to express your interest and receive a special early bird offer.

Dedicated to Accelerating Your Personal Training Career Every Step Of The Way…
John Toumpakke