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[Video] How To FIRE Your PT Clients

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You might not know this, clients, prospects and people in general are judging you all the time.

And if you’re in the spotlight, in a position of leadership – where people look up to you for guidance, trust you and want to feel secure sharing their personal struggles with you, then there’s no time for weakness.

Too often I see trainers behaving in a state of pleasing their clients – no matter what. Afraid of losing the sale, they’ll bend and stoop so low they become victims of mercy to their clients.

As a personal trainer, you need to remember that you are the trainer. And when clients decide to play with you and disrespect your time, it’s time to let them go.

In the video below I go over a simple way to FIRE your draining and time consuming clients so you can continue the path of a happy PT career and attract clients who make your day happy, not sad.


As noted in the video, the customer is not always right. If they were always right, then why do they pay for and seek your counsel? It’s because they’ve been doing things wrong and are paying you to make it right.

As a leader, you must know who you need on your team. Clients are not any different. And if you want more satisfied customers, more referrals, more retention, less sales resistance and a happier Personal Training Business… then you MUST know who to recruit and detect and fire those you don’t want.