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How To Fake Before-and-After Photos In Under 1 hr and Get Away With It!

Mel V from Melvfitness shocked the personal training business and fitness world with her recent article in Business Insider Australia demonstrating how to publish unbelievable before-after pics in under 15 minutes!  Mel V from St. Kilda, Melbourne steadily grew a dislike of those before-and-after photos posted all over the internet.  Whether it’s a personal training business promoting their services, exercise programs or supplement companies advertising their products… before-and-after photos can’t be trusted anymore.

On August 2nd 2013, she posted an article on her blog entitled The hidden truths behind a transformation pic! showing how with just some hair extensions, a make-up kit, black underwear, upright posture and a breeze of confidence is all it took for her photos to go viral.

“Check out my transformation! It took me 15 minutes. Wanna know my secret? Well firstly I ditched the phonewallet (fwallet) cause that thing is lame, swapped my bather bottoms to black (cause they’re a size bigger & black is slimming), Smothered on some fake tan, clipped in my hair extensions, stood up a bit taller, sucked in my guts, popped my hip- threw in a skinny arm, stood a bit wider#boxgap, pulled my shoulders back and added a bit of a cheeky/Im so proud of my results smile.

Below is Mel V’s transformation only taking 15 minutes. Without knowing the truth… it’s hard to believe.

mel v before and after
Illusion: Melanie Ventura transformed herself in 15 minutes using body glow, make up, hair extensions, large black underpants and ditched the phone wallet (source: dailymail.co.uk)
personal training business before and after photo
img source: http://melvfitness.blogspot.com.au/

But wait there’s more.

Mel V’s inspiration came from Andrew Dixon’s post entitled Seduced by the Illusion: The Truth About Transformation Photos which first appeared on the Huffington Post on the 24th July 2013.

“I decided to take my own transformation photos to see what was possible with just a few easy tweaks. About six months ago I was around 185 pounds and about 16 percent body fat. I was feeling particularly bloated on the day, so I asked my girlfriend to take a before shot. I then shaved my head, face and chest and prepared for the after shot, which was about an hour after I took the before shot. I did a few push ups and chin ups, tweaked my bedroom lighting, sucked in, tightened my abs and BOOM! We got our after shot.”

And the funny thing – nutrition and exercise had nothing to do with it!  Now, this is not to say that all before-and-after’s are fake.  There are some genuine transformation stories out there.  A disciplined nutrition regimen and a structured exercise program from a well-established Personal Trainer is still essential in achieving the body you want – and keeping it.  Just use these extreme examples to have an open mind the next time you come across a supplement or exercise program promising miraculous results.

Here is a short, funny video from Furious Pete showing how he constructed his before-and-after photo by taking the after photo first and the before photo after.  A great and entertaining insight.  Check it out below…

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