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[Video] Fitness Sales Tips: How To Test Close And Get More “Yes’s”

fitness sales tips: test closing

Too often, trainers get nervous when asking for the sale.  Some come across as too needy. While others don’t know how to sell, don’t know where to start – and ask for the sale without knowing if their prospect is ready to buy.

Today, I’m putting these 2 problems at ease. You’ll know if your prospect is ‘ready’ to buy (sometimes without them knowing). And you’ll know exactly when to ‘naturally’ ask for the sale and get an easy “yes.”

Taking note of the 3 questions I go over in the video below, you’ll have a good gauge on your prospects enthusiasm and readiness to buy.  Based on how they answer, you’re ‘testing’ their responses and seeing if it’s worth moving on in your sales presentation.  Watch the video below and find out more:


As you saw, the questions you ask should be ‘assuming’ questions.  They’re questions which makes the prospect go into the future and imagines you being their trainer. They must do this before giving you their answer.  So, if you get a positive response – you’ve just increased their buying desire…getting closer to that final ‘yes.’


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  1. YES, YES – so simple, I was blown away. Why don’t any of my terrible personal training sales courses teach anything simple. Make more of these video john.

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