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What The Fitness Marketing World Can Learn From Planet Fitness

Fitness marketing is more than just generating leads into your personal training business.

In this highly competitive world, a personal trainer must know the ‘root’ processors of what makes people choose their fitness business over others.

Everywhere you look, personal trainers are copying each other. Each saying the same thing, running boring ads and have marketing material that blends in with everyone else – with no differing ‘WOW’ factors.

But when you combine fitness marketing with a well-defined purpose and niche – things change, quickly.

You see, when the public knows what you stand for and what you’re against… you create a definite market of followers who say… “that fitness business is exactly right for me and they truly understand my needs.”

Having a niche is one thing. But positioning yourself as “this is who we are…” “This is who we want…” “And if you don’t like it, then get the hell out” is branding yourself at the next level.

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One of the fastest growing fitness centres in America – Planet Fitness, are experts in market positioning. And they’ve defined themselves strongly with their ‘No Gymtimidation, No lunks, Just $10 month’ campaign.

They stand for supporting a safe, judgement free environment and making their members feel welcomed in every sense of the word.  They’re against intimidation, grunting, dropping weights and people who pose any threat towards the emotional comfort of their members.

Planet Fitness defines a ‘Lunk’ as someone who grunts, drops weights and judges.  And it’s even in their policy and agreement – that when you train at Planet Fitness, you’re not allowed to do any of those things – otherwise you’ll be kicked out (and there has been many times when the staff have kicked out such members)

They go out of their way to push forward their market positioning as the ‘anti-gym’ fitness centre.  They make fun of bodybuilders, fitness models and other hard-hitting gym stereotypes.

In other words, any quality the general public associates with ‘intimidation’ – they market against that.  By doing so, they’re attracting the rest of the market who wants to feel comfortable and safe – never to be judged on their appearance.  And that’s a BIG, profitable market they’ve captured.

They even have a ‘judgement free’ zone in their fitness centre.

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They’ve also redefined what a ‘gym’ is, implying that a ‘gym’ is a place where all those intimidating, low witted ‘Lunk’ stereotypes train – and Planet Fitness is not a gym, instead it’s a place where smart people go, feeling safe and supported when training.

Their fitness marketing campaign is more than just lead generation.  It’s a movement.  They stand strongly for their ‘anti-gym’ policies. They’ve overcome the deep hidden unconscious fears of those who don’t like joining fitness centres – and instead satisfied those needs by creating a supporting, judgement free environment no-one else offers.

Here are some videos which demonstrate their expert market positioning. By the way… they’re very funny 🙂

Planet Fitness “I lift things up” commercial:

Planet Fitness ‘Bang Bang’ commercial:

Planet Fitness knows a thing or two about expert market positioning.  How can you apply the same principles to your fitness business?

Optimize your offline marketing online: lessons from Planet Fitness “So, what do you do for a living?” “I lift things up and put them down.’

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