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[Video] How To Deal With Late Clients

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You can ask any personal trainer and one problem that always pops up is they’re sick of clients being late.

And the reason why it’s a recurring problem is because trainers have a flimsy, weak strategy in dealing with them.

Remember this: The ‘late’ problem never goes away. It’s nothing more than a habit. And habits don’t fix themselves. They must be interrupted.

That’s why, when dealing with late clients, it has to be dealt directly. In the video below, I reveal the 3 traps trainers fall into when dealing with late clients, and the 3 solutions to easy fix them.

Remember, you must confront and deal with the problem in a way that shows you care.

You’d be surprised how responsive your clients are and their willingness to work with you. Following these easy steps can assure you a smooth PT business.

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  1. Short and concise and to the point. I learnt a lot from your video. I’m going to talk to each of my late clients on Monday. The elephant in the room needs to be revealed!

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