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[Video] How to Convert Trial Prospects into Paying Clients

converting personal training clients

How I do convert my personal training clients?

It’s probably the most recurring question I get asked as a fitness marketing expert.  It’s amazing how many trainers are afraid to ‘sell’ and put themselves out there. But, I don’t blame them.

The most successful business owners love being rejected (it means they’re selling more). However,  the amount of rejection a person can handle has its limits.

When converting personal training clients, it’s best done with subtlety. The more genuinely concerned you are, the less sales resistance your prospects will sense.

In the video below, I go over a very easy method any personal trainer can use when converting their trial clients.


In the short video, you saw how easy it was converting personal training clients. Just remember, create a bright future – and take them there.

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  1. Yes, a bright future equals more sales. But I have to get used to being rejected more. Toughen me up a little, yeah John. Great video:)

  2. Again, I had to watch this video a few times and take notes, it’s that powerful. Thank you 🙂

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