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[Video] Breaking The PT Curse of ‘sameness’

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From the first day of your fitness course – until the first day on the job, you’re institutionalised.

The useless education, class-room approved business methods and money syphoning fitness schools sets up the PT for failure before they train their first client.

For example, let’s look at a gym based trainer. They go through a ritual  of ‘induction’ and follow silly, outdated business rules which have been proven time and time again that don’t work!

It doesn’t allow for uniqueness, expression or creativity. The trainer is ‘boxed in’ and their business creativity is killed. And they wonder why they can’t sell, attract the right clients and market their PT business.

In the video below, I go over a few questions to ask yourself so you can better understand being a PT – and your target audience.


Remember, you have a unique message thousands of people want to hear and connect to. If you’re REAL, people want to connect with you – and in their eyes, there’s no one else, but you.


  1. Another excellent video John. The answer to breaking the ‘curse’ is the spell of this video. A must watch for anyone remotely thinking of being different in this cut-throat industry.

  2. Too many ‘same’ Pt’s out there, especially how the industry is flooded with trainers coming out of schools by the droves. Great Video John.

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