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How To Market Your Fitness Business The Right Way.

Personal trainers often ask what it takes to be successful running a modern day personal training business. When I lay it out for them, they say…

“Does it really require all that work?”

Yes. And the same goes for running ANY business.

That’s the reason why there are so many personal trainers out there… and so little of them being successful. By now you’re probably thinking…”So what does it take to run a successful personal training business…are you going to lay it out for me or what?”

Fortify Fitness, a personal trainer in Newport is an example of this.

-Putting in a minimum of 8-10 hours per day;
-Having a social media strategy;
-A converting website with great SEO;
-Running Facebook ads that work;
-Working harder during Covid-19 (not less);
-Possessing an upbeat, positive attitude;
-If something doesn’t work, immediately try something different;
-Spending a minimum 30% gross income on building your business;
-Having your personal training business as your number one priority; and of course…
-Hiring a business coach who understands Melbourne and knows all aspects of building businesses from nothing.

Sometimes, you never know where your leads are going to come from. Some personal trainers do well with just social media. This could be a combination of their looks, making great, shareable content and are friends with other influences, which help the spread of their content.

But what about the other lead sources they’re missing out on?

The majority of leads can come from running Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads, google searches (SEO) and so on.

Another major lead source for personal trainers are referrals. This is when your hard work, dedication and getting results pays off. Sometimes, if you just share a before-and-after photo of just ‘one’ of your clients and tag them, is enough to get enquiries and referrals from people who know your clients. And of course, you can just ask for referrals each month.

A simple testimonial video of a happy client goes a long way too. All you need to do is ask for a 30sec testimonial from a client who’s just achieved a landmark result. In almost all cases, they’ll say ‘yes’. And if not, ask the next one.

Within a month, you can gather 5-10 testimonials and have 5-10 weeks of very shareable content.

When running a business, all aspects must be covered. The more you or your business shows up, the greater people trust and connect with you.

But don’t think it’s ‘easy.’

It required dedication, sacrifice and planning. Remember, when you’re the only person running your business, you’re ‘it’. Success is totally up to you. You’re the result of your success and failure.

Don’t neglect doing the necessary work. Plan and work towards being found in the search engines. Hire a marketing consultant who understands internet marketing, SEO, web-design and business coaching.

Produce content and share your experiences on social media. If you run out of ideas for content, then make content through your clients. Show their progress. Video their exercise performance. Post their testimonials. If they (or you) don’t feel comfortable posting their before-and-after photos then post a before-and-after exercise progression. Or, just post them performing exercise. It doesn’t matter how you ‘humanise’ your brand. As long as you show people participating with your business, then you’re viewed as someone who people want to participate with.

Marketing your business isn’t easy because it requires discipline. But once you see results, it’ll become a natural habit of yours. Have goals, know how to be found on search engines, humanise your brand through social media, get reviews and build the business foundations that’ll support you into a successful career.

If you would like a business coach for your Melbourne business, then visit https://fantailfoundation.org or visit their Google profile here.

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